Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Teach Me To Pray

>Teach Me To Pray>
>Please teach me, Lord ...
>I want to know
>Exactly how to pray.
>I need some words
>Which ones are right?
>Please tell me what to say.
>I've bowed my head
>I have knelt down,But ...
>should I be upright?
>I've closed my eyes,
>I've raised my hands,Or ...
>should I fold them tight?
>Do I stand up?
>Should I sit down?
>Dear Lord ... what do you like?
>Are lights turned on
>Or are they off?Maybe ...
>candle light?>Wear my glasses?
>Take them off?
>Be at my desk or table?
>Should I whisper?
>Speak out loud?
>Do I quote the Bible?
>What do you think about the time?
>Do You prefer the dawn?
>Should I pray fast,
>Or keep it slow?
>Better short ... or long?
>I'm new at this
>What are the rules?
>I want to do it right.
>How do I know
>You'll even hear
>That I am in Your sight?
>And while I sat there quietly,
>Waiting for some sign,
>I heard a gentle voice say,
>"Oh, dearest child of mine ...
>Do you think I really care
>About the time of day,
>Or whether you are standing up,
>Or kneeling when you pray?"
>"I don't care about your posture,
>Or about the place you choose;
>Just open up your soul to me,
>I have no other rules.
>Tell me what is in your heart,
>And tell me what you seek;
>Tell me of your sorrows,
>And of those things that made you weak."
>"Speak to me in private
>About what concerns you most;
>I know about your good deeds ...
>You have no need to boast.
>My child, you don't need lessons,
>Just talk to me each day;
>Tell me anything you want, dear child,
>Anyone can pray."
>~By Virginia Ellis~

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The new year 2007 present from God ^_^

I would like to thanks God for the new year present.
A few month ago, I want to have book shelf for lots of book that were at the head of my bed.
I went to the shop to find one, but it was too expensive
and I am not sure that it will fit to the space in my room.
So I didn't buy it. I pray to God that I want to find one that fit to my space and not too expensive. After that I was busy and forgot about it.
Anyway, when I saw the book shelf I try to find one.
I cannot find one that OK.
Then at the night of the 30th of December 2006, I was going back to my room.
I saw the book shelf sit near the elevator.
I went down to the office of my dorm.
I asked the officer about that book shelf.
She told me that it was left by a room owner who don't want it.
And she told me that I can take it if I want to.
I told her that I will take it to my room.
T h a n k s G o d.
It is fit to my room space.
I got it for free.
I know that it is the thing that some one didn't want it.
But it is the best for my need.

Thanks God. He know what is the best for me.
He give me the best always.

Thanksssssssssssssssss God ^_^
I love You, my LORD.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Testimony of Xavier

Testimony of Xavier:

I would like to share all the great things that God has accomplished in my life. I came from a standard French Catholic family. We go to church only three times. When we where born and baptized, when we marry and when we die. We were very involved in the occult science—astrology, tarot, spiritism, Ouija board, etc. But I have one member of my family who never gave up sharing about Jesus and finally year after year, many of us where converted.

After my conversion, my mom was amazed at my sudden change and wanted to have the same peace that I have. Two years after, my dad was saved. We shared to him only a little about Jesus and he was not interested, but we kept on praying for his salvation.. One day, he followed my mom just to look at the church. But during preaching he was so overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit that he can’t stop crying. After service, he asked the Pastor how to become a Christian.

Now, it was the turn of my younger brother who was only 19 years old. He saw the change in my family and we started to really experience God. I’m sure that soon he’ll be born-again too.

These are the best moments of my life and I am sharing these to encourage all of you to never stop praying for your family members and friends. You can make a great impact. Do not worry about convicting them of their sins for this is the work of the Holy Spirit and He is working well.

All the honor and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ!

Xavier — Asoke Group

Sunday, November 12, 2006

God own everything...

In my church, we are giving the offering to God for buying and building the church.
I pray to God that I want ot be part of this but I am student now and not much money that I have.
I keep trying to think abou how to make money.
Anyway, after I quit the job and go back to my study.
I had work as a part time for my last company.
I didn't finish all of the task so I am not sure my boss will pay me or not
and I am not to ask about that.
The time was pass for a while, I receive an e-mail from my old boss.
He told me that he clearing his mailbox and he found the work that I sent to him.
So he will pay me that.
I really forgot about this but God never forgot about us.
Thanks God, I have money to give the offering now.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

God can tell you what you have to do...

In the summer of my third year of studying engineering, Nobody is at the university.
They went back to their homes because it was the long vacation.
Anyway, as the president of the Christian club, I had to borrow the things for our camp in the next three week.
I had to ask for borring many things from my faculty.
No problems about the borrowing.
After I got all the things that I want, the question is pop up in my head.
"How do I take all of these things to the Christian club's room?"
I called anyone but noone can help me in that time.
I told the staff that I would come back and took all of the things.

Then I walked out from the room.
I heard the voice in myself, in my heart.
"Go back and ask for the help from the staff. He will help you take all of the things to the
Christian club's room."
I wonder about that but I believed that the voice was come from God.
So I went back in the room and ask for the help.
I was surprise.
He told me that He had to go that way to pick his girl friend up.
He help me took the things onto his truck and drove me to the Christian club's room.
I was so happy and joyful. I knew that God is taking care of me all the time.
I was smilly even I had to do many things.

Thanks God.

God bless you.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

If you can be anyone, who will you be?



Friday, September 08, 2006

How and why I became a christian...

Like I said before, I still didn't sure that who God is.
I had a lot of experiences with God.
I go to church every week.
I was not sure in my heart.
After I went to church for a month, I went to the camp with the Christian Club.
It is about 7 years ago.
During the camp, My friend send the message to me by pager.
She want me to call her. I didn't have mobile phone at that time.
I ask one of older sisiter in the club for borrowing her mobile phone.
She gave me and said "You may have to pray so you can call your friends because the signal is not good here".
I thought it is funny because I just want to make a call to my friend.
Why do I have to pray for this?
I tried to call my friend.
I didn't know why but I could not call my friend by the phone.
After I tried to call my friend for many times and I could not.
I thought of the thing that my older sister said to me.
I thought that I had a lot of experiences with God.
It may seem so simple in that time.
I just want to make a call.
Anyway, I pray to God "God I had a lot of experiences with You. I still not sure about you.
But this time would you please answer my prayer. Please let me call my friend successfully.
Then I will be sure that You are ture God and I will be christian and follow you all the rest of my life. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen."
After I pray, I tried to call my friend again.
It was work. I could call my friend.
During the ring of the phone, I heard the sound inside myself "You are my son. You can ask me for what you want.".
It was like I was in a day dream.
It seem so long for me.
My friend answered the phone and said "Hello... Hello... Hello..".
Then I went back to the real world. I talked to my friend.
After I talked to my friend, I thought of the thing that just happen to me.
I was certainly sure in my heart that God is a living God.
I decided that I would be christian in that time.
I truely became christian and I will follow God for the rest of my life.
Thanks God...